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c/o Ray Brougham, President

532 William Street

Victoria British Columbia

Phone: (250) 381-6868


Website: http://www.engineersmac...

Assets And Services

We are based in Victoria West and our premises currently house 7 CNC machining center, 1 Automated Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line, 1 automated five-axis Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). In addition, we have in place our Controlled Goods Certification and are Boiler Fitting Manufacture Licensed. PED has also managed to win first level (FILV) supplier status to several 1st tier military suppliers. In addition to CNC machining we have high pressure hydraulic testing up to 2750Bar or about 40,000psi. Containment chamber 50cm x 60cm x 30cm. Typical tests are for custom hydraulic and pneumatic fittings. We are equipped with a ( Surface Mount Technology ) SMT line. This equipment is used to screen print solder paste to circuit boards, then a specialized pick n’ place robot installs all the components, the procedure is completed in a solder reflow oven. We can work from your schematics, provide circuit boards layout files, source your circuit boards and components, use our SMT equipment to populate your circuit boards and manufacture your enclosure and install your finished boards!

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