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Contact Information

c/o Mitchel A. Winnik

80 Saint George street

Toronto Ontario

Phone: 416-9786495


Website: http://www.chem.utoront...

Assets And Services

Our research effort encompasses conceptualization, design, synthesis, fabrication, processing and characterization of properties of nano- , meso- and microstructured materials.

Other innovation or manufacturing support, including contract manufacturing services

Works at the interface between polymer design, synthesis, and the creation of scaffolds for biomedical applications. Develops new methods for the synthesis and colloidal assembly of silica microspheres in the form of well-ordered crystals and films. Develop novel methods for the co-assembly of organic and inorganic molecular precursors to create new organic-inorganic nanocomposite or hybrid materials with chemical and physical properties that are superior to the component parts. Interested in proteomics and in chiral catalysts.

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