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c/o Bryan Karney, Associate Dean

35 St. George Street, Room 132

Toronto Ontario

Phone: 416-978-7776


Website: http://www.crci.utoront...

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Established to enhance understanding of infrastructure systems and advance practice in infrastructure resilience, the CRCI investigates both the dynamic performance of structures under extreme stress and the behaviour of infrastructure systems as a whole. We are the first to successful map the complex relationships between infrastructure performance and city function and optimise the balance of investment between protection and resilience measures. We are working on the nature of vertical communities and the influence of demand clusters and resource (food) deserts on municipal recovery in the event of a disaster. This work extends into the next generation of urban utility laydown, de-risking urban development and the development of governance frameworks. Our work on seismic and blast loading of structures has led to several significant developments in design practice.

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