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c/o Derek Wilson, Director

4700 Keele St

Toronto Ontario

Phone: 416-650-8426


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Assets And Services

Areas of application include proteomics and functional genomics, atmospheric chemistry, analytical chemistry and combustion science. The Centre's mandate is to promote and to organize research collaboration with other universities, hospitals, government institutes, such as Environment Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (OME), and industries, such as MDS SCIEX, Eli Lilly and Norgen.

Other innovation or manufacturing support, including contract manufacturing services

CRMS scientists are developing new instruments and applications with MDS SCIEX; identifying markers for endometrial cancer in collaboration with researchers in Toronto hospitals, and examining atmospheric particles composition and fate of atmospheric hydrocarbons. CRMS is the York Node in the Ontario Protein Identification Facility established by ORDCF and Genome Canada. Fundamental research of note includes metal ion reactions with organic and bio molecules, and structures and chemistries of peptide ions.

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